Tree of Plenty TimeBank Membership Dues

The Tree of Plenty TimeBank provides a way for individuals, groups, organizations, government agencies, churches, and businesses worldwide in a community to exchange services which are Tax Exempt. Because it is Tax Exempt, it does not affect any income restrictions you may have; such as social security payments, unemployment payments, Medicare, Medicaid, school and college students, etc. Everyone has time and talent they can exchange with others.

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Membership Dues are $30.00 cash and three (3) Time Dollars per year.

However, the Tree of Plenty TimeBank wants to make it possible for everyone to be a Member. So, for anyone that finds it difficult to pay the $30.00 cash dues, please contact the Tree of Plenty TimeBank and we will work out a way for you to pay the cash dues with the Tree of Plenty TimeBank Time Dollars instead.

Membership Perks

When membership is approved, all information furnished, and the member has the services they offer listed on our website, we will make available to them our Complimentary Certificates with a retail value up to $477.00.

When member’s exchanges of their services with other members exceed fifteen (15) Time Dollars, we will make available any of our Complimentary Certificates with a retail value up to $2,394.00.

In addition to the additional Time Dollars members enjoy, we will help anyone that wants to start a new group the Complimentary Certificates to help them build their group, and keep their members enthused.

Example 1: Use the Complimentary Certificates for recruitment as above.

Example 2: Use the Complimentary Certificates to encourage your members to attend meetings and get new members for your group.

Example 3: for more examples, please use your imagination.

See Complimentary Certificates