Family Photo, Back row from left: Mother, Mattie Ila Hooper, Dad, Edd Pate Hooper, sister Ruby Hooper. Middle row: sister Deanna Hooper, brother Marvin Hooper. Front row: Buddy Hooper.

Buddy Hooper's first memories are of his mother and father working side by side on their farm in a small, east Texas town. He was astonished when they took their produce to the market and traded it for items they did not grow themselves. It was his first look at the business world and his blue eyes still light up as he talks about these days! Looking back, he also remembers the men from the bank as they took his family's cows and horses because there was no money to pay the bank loan. Buddy could not understand why the bankers would not accept the produce, like the market owners.

Little did he know what an impact that experience would have on him throughout his life.

Each time he heard of a business in trouble or an individual in need, he remembered his family’s cows and horses being led away. Just like his parents, the businesses and individuals had something of value, but could not find a way to trade it for what they needed. He kept thinking there had to be something he could do to help others avoid that horrible experience.

Throughout his many years as a business consultant and owner, he would often trade what he had to get what he needed, thus allowing his business to keep his hard-to-get cash. Then in the 60's he learned about Trade/Barter Systems, which gave him the ability to trade what he had, but instead of a one-to-one trade, the system used the Trade/Barter Dollar as a way to expand his trade choices.


Back row: Brother Marvin Hooper, Dad Edd Pate Hooper. Front row: Benny Hooper, Buddy Hooper.

In 1989 Buddy created his own Trade/Barter system, called Barter Plus, in Sarasota, Florida. This company later became OrangeBee Money Global, which he still operates today.

For years he has been able to add something to many lives, by bringing them additional income through their use of his Barter System.

But he has always been looking for new ways to increase the number of people who can be helped by his method of making a positive difference in their lives.

Buddy actually goes beyond helping people. Like the Chinese Proverb; "Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime", Buddy helps people to help themselves.

Finally, with his many years of experience and knowledge, he has now come up with an all-encompassing business model which he calls the Tree of Plenty Cooperative.

With Tree of Plenty Cooperative, he can:

Guarantee additional sales/clients and profits, rechannel unused time, open new markets, and increase capacity and inventory to help select Businesses & Professionals conserve vital cash.

Make it possible for individuals, whether unemployed or under employed, to use their time and talent to improve their personal standard of living.

Give students the ability to earn money while introducing themselves to the business world, with no cash cost to them.

Set up people with their very own portal to the Tree of Plenty Cooperative website, where they will be able to help people and earn money while doing so.

Buddy has created a business model; a Co-Op dedicated to the preservation and promotion of a sustainable Economy, Society, and Environment. (See additional information on this website).

With the guarantee of additional sales/clients and profits, these select Businesses & Professionals will have more money, which means they can spend it more freely than they could their hard-to-get cash.

This will make it possible for them to utilize more unemployed and under employed individuals, which will improve their personal standard of living.

In addition to making it possible to give School & college students the ability to earn money while introducing themselves to the business world, with no cash cost to them. This is not something completely new to Buddy. It is an expansion of what he has been doing for years with his OrangeBee Money Global system.

Take Action Now to join with the Tree of Plenty Cooperative, and be a part of the preservation and promotion of a sustainable Economy, Society, and Environment.

Time Bank logo

When you really think about the many people that Buddy has helped over the many years he would be satisfied, but that is just not Buddy.

He could not stop thinking about the many people that could not hold a regular job, or had barriers to earning additional income. He just could not stop thinking; what if there was a way for people to be rewarded for their time, but that reward not being taxable income?

He had been aware of TimeBanking since the 90’s, but up until recently TimeBanking was ready for Buddy, but now it has all came together.

Now, in additional to the Tree of Plenty Cooperative, Buddy has launched the Tree of Plenty TimeBank.