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What is the Tree of Plenty Time Bank?

The Tree of Plenty TimeBank provides a way for individuals, groups, organizations, government agencies, churches, and businesses in a community to exchange services which is Tax Exempt. The concept is simple.

  • You provide an hour of service and receive an hour which goes into your TimeBank account.
  • You receive an hour of service, and an hour is removed from your TimeBank account.
  • You can even receive services before you have hours in your bank.

The Tree of Plenty TimeBank is all about community members helping others. Everyone has a talent, a capability, or a professional skill. Exchanging services via a Tree of Plenty TimeBank is not a barter, it is a compliment to the cash economy. One hour of your service is equal to an hour of service from any other member of the TimeBank. Anyone can participate. Your obligation is to provide your service and to do your best. This creates a community network of people helping people and creating trustful relationships.

The Tree of Plenty TimeBank Time Dollars are Tax Exempt and does not affect any income restrictions you may have; such as social security payments, unemployment payments, Medicare, Medicaid, school and college students, etc.

There are no income restrictions for being a member of the Tree of Plenty TimeBank. You may be a zillionaire, are unemployed and living on the street. This is because everyone has time and talents they can exchange for Tree of Plenty TimeBank Time Dollars.

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